Why limiting stress matters

While we’re stuck with our genetic makeup, we CAN control some kinds of stress that affects our brain. Limiting stress is extra important if you have a family history of psychosis or other mental health challenges. We can literally change how our brain functions through healthy behaviors and supportive therapies. These good self care habits are like a protective shield that keeps us well, or helps us to recover.
Stress zappers:

  • getting enough sleep
  • supportive friends and family
  • effective coping strategies for dealing with stress
  • healthy eating habits
  • regular exercise
  • cognitive behavioral therapy
  • medication (as prescribed)

Recovery from psychosis not only means treating symptoms with medication and/or targeted therapy, it also means finding ways to “zap” the stressors that are getting in the way from us living the lives we want to lead.  The best chance for recovery is setting on this path early, and surrounding yourself with a team of friends, family and health and wellness professionals who can support you as you develop a lifestyle that works best for your health.

You can learn more about coping strategies and stress busters on our Get Strong page.

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