I think I have psychosis – now what?

If you think you or someone you know may be experiencing psychosis, the first step is confiding in someone you can trust who can help locate help – ideally, at a specialized early psychosis support center.

Wherever you get help, the best kind is the kind that works for YOU.

There is no one-size-fits-all treatment. By getting comprehensive treatment early on and attention to self-care and stress management, symptoms can diminish or disappear altogether, allowing for a return to the life you want to lead.

Getting help early matters.  Here’s why:

As with any health issue, psychosis becomes more difficult to treat the longer it goes untreated.  Without specialized help, the road to recovery can get longer and rougher (and often a whole lot more lonely). The good news: A comprehensive early treatment model for psychosis is changing futures every day. Living the life you want to lead is totally possible if you reach out for help early on and get the right kind of help.

3 first steps to find wellness: 
  1. Talk to someone you trust about finding help.
  2. Take a self-assessment quiz to better understand what you’re feeling.
  3. Find support and discover ways to Get Strong.

And don’t ever forget that we’ve been there, too. You are never alone:

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