10 Mental Health Hacks for Your Brain

Looking after your brain health might be the most important thing you do for yourself.

Here are our top 10 mental health hacks to bolster your brain.

1. Be mindful of your environment and thoughts; notice when your stress response is triggered.

2. Limit stress as much as possible; keep a shortlist of things that help you cope. giphy (1)


3. Sleep.

4. No seriously, SLEEEEEP. This one is SO important, it warrants two of our top 10. Your brain literally cannot function properly without adequate sleep. Create a daily practice of things that help you sleep like exercise; meditation; long, deep breaths; aromatherapy (lavender, sandalwood); baths – whatever it takes. Make a regular sleep routine a priority. Your brain will thank you.

giphy (2)


5. Get social – but not just through likes and snaps. Research shows that interacting with others supports brain cell production and repair.

6. Move your body. Walk, dance, run, skip, stretch, climb, play – even a little bit, every day if you can.


7. Get help quickly if you hit a rough patch.

8. Eat brain power foods like fish (omega 3s), rich colored fruits and leafy greens (antioxidants and polyphenols). Stay away from fast and processed foods as much as possible.

9. If you take it, take medicine on a regular schedule.

10. Lay-off of brain-altering substances – even marijuana, especially if you have a family history of mental health problems.

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